How to Start Earning as a Self-Employed Person. Upwork, Fiverr and OnlyFans

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March 10, 2021

The coronavirus pandemic, which took the world by storm in 2020, created an imbalance in global economies -especially in the US Economy. As a result, most individuals have been unable to recover from the shock that came with it.

Research showed that 25% of adults in the United States of America personally know someone who lost their job due to the pandemic, while 15% of adults said they were the ones losing their jobs. So many people were affected, and some are still left reeling from the shock.

2021 is not just a new year; but it is also a chance for a fresh start, which many desperately need, even though the pandemic is still very much around.

You may have lost your job in 2020, or perhaps you even lost yours in January 2021. This doesn’t mean you have to lose hope today.

You can start earning as a self-employed person and in this post, you’ll discover the top ideas that you can consider. These ideas made many individuals financially stable after a period of dedication and consistency. So, after you find what works for you, ensure that you stick to it!

Become a Freelancer

In a world that is now largely digital, freelancing has proven to be one of the most self-sufficient ways to earn money.

Contrary to popular belief, freelancing isn’t limited to a particular set of skillsets or career choices. No matter what you do, you can become a freelancer with it.

So, if you have a skill such as writing, designing, editing, web developing, or even plumbing, you can sign up on freelancing platforms. And you’ll get enough contracts that can put your finances on the right track.

Major freelancing platforms include Fiverr and Upwork. These platforms allow you to create a profile, specifying what you do and what makes your work outstanding. Then they suggest gigs that serve as a means of earning a new kind of income for you.

If you’ve been laid-off from work, or if you happen not to have anything doing right now, becoming a freelancer is an idea that’ll prove not only beneficial to you but also life-changing in a great way.

Carey-Lee Dixon from Quora had this to say about Fiverr: “I’ve had much success on Fiverr as a side-hustle income stream where I have earned over $3000. I started freelancing right after I left my job in December 2015 and started pitching for jobs on Fiverr, January 2016… In my first month, I earned $64 creating articles and curating data via internet research for $5. While the revenue was low, I had returning clients and also learned how to improve the value I provided for $5 and the art of custom offers and upselling… Everything is a learning process, so I would say just start, provide gigs that are of value, be creative in a saturated market and be consistent. And of course, keep learning…”

Success stories like that of Dixon keep springing up every day, and you could very much join the train. Kicking off your freelancing journey would require that you appear professional to your clients.

There’s no better way to display your portfolio to your clients than having a personal website. At Sculpt IT, we offer custom web development services that give your freelance skill a much-needed digital face. We create fast and responsive personal websites that are very valuable for you.

Start Your Own Business

This is another good option to consider. Usually, starting your own business or company is often taken as a big deal, and most people give up on it even before trying.

Starting your own business doesn’t have to be a herculean task. You can start with the little steps first. But before you do, you need to ensure that your company will be meeting an already existing need.

If, for instance, you choose to start a design firm, you hardly have to stress before you begin. All you’ll have to do is create an attractive design, asking people to come get their designs done, at a discounted price (since you just opened).

Now, this is because you’re at a place where you have to prove yourself to your potential clients. It is a phase of building value rather than building finances.

By putting out your advertisement daily, you put it in the mind of people that you’re a designer, and even if they don’t have any job for you at that moment, you’re automatically registered in their minds as a designer. Hence, when an opportunity shows up, you immediately pop up on their mind.

Eventually, you’ll have to think of the complicated parts like registering your business name and taxes. But if you don’t have the means, you can put them on hold easily while you focus on building the brand.

Some other things you can delegate so that you can focus on sales include building a mobile application as well as cross-platform app development. This will ensure that your customers get the best user experience. SCULPT IT can help with this as we sculpt your project into a success.

Take Care of People

Since this is an uncommon idea, it gives you more advantage as the market is not crowded with competitors.

If you have a natural flair for helping and taking care of children or seniors, then this might just be the right job for you.

You can start advertising by word-of-mouth, telling people what you do and how you do it. Also, pay attention to your potential clients and be quick to spot them even in crowded places.

Pitch yourself to them there and then, and although you’d be getting so many rejections, three faithful clients are enough to keep you occupied for the rest of the year.

Start a Profile on OnlyFans

OnlyFans is a common social media website that has become even more popular in recent times. It allows creators to charge a monthly fee for viewers of their contents, called fans, to view those contents. Creators get to keep 80% of the total money which their account generates, and the 20% goes to OnlyFans.

Due to the unrestricted content policy that the platform provides, it has become even more popular among young adults and adults alike. Additionally, it has grown to be infamous for promoting adult content. But this is only one part of the website.

You can focus on other basic genres such as fitness or modeling without having to compromise your standards.

There is an already established audience on OnlyFans simply waiting for you to begin creating relevant content that they won’t have any reservations paying for. What you should, however, take into consideration is how to stand out from other creators, most of whom usually prefer to create adult content.

One good way to differentiate yourself and your content is to share interesting parts of your daily activities, hobbies and interests. This helps you get closer to your audience and when this connection is built on trust, they tend to stick around.

You should ask yourself questions like “Why should someone pick me over all the others? Why should someone pay my prices? What makes me unique?” These should guide you in creating content that is interesting, and unique.

In essence, it all comes down to finding that x-factor that elevates your content. You need to think differently when it comes to content creation. If everyone is doing the same thing, you should find a more personalized or extraordinary way to do the same thing.

Take this OnlyFans user for instance, instead of the usual adult content, she does weekly cooking videos where she teaches basic meal recipes while dressed in cute outfits. Her approach certainly separates her from those who do the typical sensual content as well as those who do traditional cooking videos.

The content ideas for an OnlyFans account are inexhaustible. They range from fitness and well-being topics to education and even law.

According to this OnlyFans blog, training videos and workout plans are two major content ideas for fitness creators. Fitness and well-being experts could as well throw in a nutritional angle into their content. Other ideas include drafting a diet plan and, of course, no one ever said a cooking section would be a step too far.

For musicians, creators could experiment by giving exclusive previews of an upcoming album or even giving access to some of the creative process behind their music. Keep experimenting and trying out new things and before you know it, you would have gathered a loyal subscriber base that dutifully rewards your creativity.

Keep in mind that you should jump at any opportunity to promote your OnlyFans page. SCULPT IT can help create a custom website for you to go even further in redirecting traffic from your OnlyFans account.

In all, there are so many options to consider to start earning as a self-employed person, and I’ll leave you with this thought, “When life knocks you down, there’s nowhere else to go but up.”


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