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Trello-alike maintenance SaaS

Today Upkeepr is a consumer-friendly, easy-to-use app to keep track of everything you need to do to keep your stuff well-maintained with quick access to all your online records. And, we’re working to help you stay connected to the organizations, people, and products that help you achieve your goal of keeping your stuff in good working order. You now have a planning tool with recurring activities and reminders, a customizable information base, a lightweight social network, and notes to yourself, all in one place.

-Todd Girvin, founder, and CEO

Cira Sync

Office 365 SaaS automation platform

Implementing a Secure SaaS Platform for Automated Contact and Calendar Sync is Vital for Business Growth.

The CiraSync platform provides centralized administration with single sign-on, granular control, and best-in-class support. No software to install, no client configuration, and no need for user training. It just works.

Set up and start syncing business
smartphones in less than 5 minutes.

No software to install, no smartphone
configuration needed, and no user training

ggRock and ggLeap

Networking and esports venue management software

ggRock allows you to update one image and boot that image on all PCs from a server with no local hard drives needed! Client PCs will still need their local GPU and RAM, however ggRock will act like a virtual hard drive, booting as fast, or faster than a standard SSD drive – even for huge centers that are full of gamers. ggRock will allow for a trusted image to boot across the network at high speeds. This image can be remotely updated by administrators and ggCircuit staff to ensure your esports operating system is functioning at the highest level.


Fashion SaaS platform for stylists and hair salons

The best place to find beauty
inspiration, deals & more

Find the best treaters, inspiration & deals near
you. Looking for a hair cut or coloring? Brows or
lashes? A tattoo?


  • Find the best clinic for your specific need, in
    your local area or nationally
  • Get discounts on your favorite treatments
    on our deal page
  • Find free treatment opportunities from
    clinics looking for models


Logistics and Shipper Company SaaS platform

Lanez is working to transform the Trucking Industry. Shippers and Carriers are now able to plan their resources better, track them more accurately and in real-time, manage conflicts more intelligently, connect directly to move truckloads faster and more efficiently and more transparently, and generate comprehensive reports on almost every aspect of their businesses. We are inspired and guided by active transportation industry experts. Our creative and feature-rich solutions are enhanced with smart technology. Our aim is to give you savings, speed, operational accuracy, insights and automation.

MaiaLearning & GuidedPath

Career planning SaaS platform for students

Personalized Customer Support

MaiaLearning is always available to meet the unique needs of schools, train new users, and collaborate on features.


GuidedPath is the worldwide leader in college and career planning. GuidedPath features a college planning process which college counselors share with students. Serving independent educational consultants, GuidedPath is a tool students use, parents appreciate, and professionals can rely on.

Walkabout Workplace

(Nexgen Virtual Office)

The Digital Work Space That Brings
Teams Together

NexGen Virtual Office is a revolutionary digital office focused on creating PLACE and PRESENCE, making togetherness possible even when you’re apart. Beautifully designed, custom digital offices for remote teams and schools with real-time inoffice status, 1-click secure video conferencing, advanced chat, and more. A custom digital office can bring company Culture and Engagement to your remote team.


What clients say about  US 

“We had a pleasure of using the team’s skills for one of our Angular projects. The job was done faster than expected and with great quality. We highly recommend Sculpt IT as a professional and experienced team.”

Alan Semenov
Engineering Manager at Enonic

“Working with Arty and the team was wonderful, they were prompt with their responses and very knowledgable about Syncfusion controls and ASP.NET + Blazor. My project was completed on time and within budget because of the team’s effort. I will work with him and Sculpt IT again if I have another similar project that comes up”

Jason Cantrell
Principal Owner at CreateMySoftware.com

“We had a very good experience working with Artyom and the Sculpt IT team. They write clean, well-organized code, and take the time to think about the best way to approach problems, thinking about long-term consequences of development decisions. We really got the impression that Sculpt IT takes pride in their work, and wants to make a meaningful contribution to the success of the project. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

Nick Todd
Inspiru CEO, Founder, Partner and UX Lead at Safe Online

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