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Tonic’s Website

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Tonic is a digital healthcare service in Bangladesh that aims to address the health and wellness related needs of people in an easy and accessible way.

The Problem

Tonic required a modern design for their website to reflect upon their mission of revolutionizing the healthcare industry in Bangladesh.

Our Solution

Through the use of eye-catching icons, imagery, and illustrations, we have designed a website for Tonic that displays its mission and responds to various health-related queries.


The new website design formed a reliable relationship between Tonic and its users. Through effective representation and messaging, Tonic displays itself as a trustworthy healthcare brand.
“Sculpt IT has been a great design partner for us in Bangladesh. We have enjoyed working with the team on a number of projects, and across multiple dimensions of design. From day one we have been impressed by their professionalism, attention to detail, their creative eye, and most importantly the quality of the work.”


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