Shopify vs Wix vs WooCommerce – The Ultimate eCommerce battle 2021

Shopify vs Wix vs WooCommerce
March 17, 2021

The eCommerce sector is booming as various businesses see it as an achievable business model. Who doesn’t want to be the next Jack Ma or Alibaba? With eCommerce, businesses open their shops to a wide audience and reap the benefits of massive cash flow.

However, starting an eCommerce business can be quite difficult. It doesn’t end with having a product. You need a target audience, a business strategy, and most importantly, a website.

There’s also the task of choosing the right platform to launch your website on. There are a lot of options out there, so making the right choice is important. Choosing a platform is like getting married. You get to bear whatever they present, be it good or bad.

To help you make the right choice, we’ve compared the top 3 e-commerce platforms. We’ve analyzed the most important aspect that will help you when you’re building your website. This ranges from ease-of-use, pricing, themes, SEO friendliness, and customer support.

Ultimately, we hope this is the best guide you can find to which platform is the best for your e-commerce business. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Ease of Use

This is one of the most important factors when choosing a platform. No one wants to use a platform that makes them sweat all the time. Both Shopify and Wix claim to be the best. However, there is a slight difference in their use.

If you’re a non-technical individual and have little to no knowledge about the back-end behavior of a website, Wix and WooCommerce are the best options for you. These platforms have the best user experience and have a well-detailed guide on how to use them.

What’s more?

You can also use Wix ADI if you want to create an online store faster. Within seconds, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), you can get your online store ready.

However, if you’re a confident geek, then you should use Shopify as it has a lot of features compared to Wix and WooCommerce.

Themes and Flexibility

Humans are naturally drawn to beauty. We tend to yearn for things that are easy on the eye. This is why most e-commerce websites aim to be modern and sleek in appearance.

Shopify offers 60+ themes that are modern and responsive, so they look good on desktops and mobile devices. The live editor feature makes it possible to tweak the theme of your choice to your satisfaction. The only obstacle is that you have to pay a one-time fee to get access to all the themes. On the free version, you get access to 10 themes only. You can check out Veeqo to see a preview of some of these themes.

On the other hand, Wix has 60 free eCommerce templates. However, although these themes are modern and sleek, they are not as responsive as Shopify’s. So, you need to place elements manually to make sure those using smartphones can use your website.

WooCommerce works exclusively with WordPress, so users benefit from all the flexibility and customization options offered by WordPress developers.

If you are finding it difficult to select the right type of Theme that suits your e-commerce website, we at Sculpt IT can help you – just give us a note.


Both Shopify and Wix allow you to create titles, descriptions, and image galleries. However, Shopify offers just three variants compared to Wix’s six variant options. Also, Shopify doesn’t support carousel videos in all its themes compared to Wix.

Shopify also offers a wide range of free and paid add-ons such as Augmented Reality which allows you to navigate around a product and see every little detail.

WooCommerce offers a lot of options for easy use. It comes bundled with the ability to accept major credit cards and other payment methods like checks and bank transfers.

You can also integrate about 140 region-specific payment gateway options to your websites like PayPal, Stripe, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, and so many more. The WooCommerce dashboard saves time with automated tax calculations and options to print labels at home.

From store enhancements to marketing integrations, one can add a wide range of features and functionality to their online store.


Shopify offers its best value services at $26 per month. However, Shopify offers a Lite version that goes for $9 per month. Shopify has three main plans, which include the Basic Plan at $26 per month, the Shopify Plan at $79 per month, and the Advanced Shopify Plan at $299 per month.

For Wix, your first option is Business Basic which starts at $23 per month. To establish an online store, you will need an eCommerce plan at $17 per month that gives you the following options:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 20GB Storage
  • Apps & Ad Vouchers
  • Site Booster App

On the other hand, WooCommerce is a free, open-source platform. WooCommerce only charges for domain and hosting, which can be as little as $4 per month or as high as $5000.


Both Shopify and WooCommerce are pretty good with search engine optimization (SEO) practices. You can customize your page titles, meta descriptions, headers, markup, and many more.

With fewer customization capabilities, Wix themes are naturally restrictive and this does not go well with SEO.

Customer Support

No matter how tech-savvy one is, there comes a time you will need customer support. So, which of these platforms is the best knight in shining armor?

Shopify offers 24/7 customer support via chat, email, and phone. Their tutorial is also available and is helpful. What’s more? Shopify’s marketing blog provides valuable information on how to grow your online store.

Wix and WooCommerce provide hundreds of articles to help out their users. You can also get support over email or the phone.

Wrap Up

Despite listing these categories and comparing all these platforms, we can’t outrightly choose which platform is the best. Each platform has its pros and cons. You can make a choice based on what you’re looking for in your eCommerce business.

However, if you want a wide range of payment gateway, live support, multilingual stores, and a wide range of customization options, your best option is Shopify.

If you want an easier and cheaper platform to build an online store, get more design flexibility and customization options, you should go for Wix or WooCommerce.


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