Software Development End-of-the-Year Trends: Language to Learn in 2021

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November 24, 2021

The software development industry is regularly growing, and as such, there are many end-of-the-year trends. These trends came about to find solutions to the numerous problems plaguing the world of software development. Interestingly, one of the latest mid-year trends is the use of cloud-based services by companies. This way, organizations will only pay for the data services they need.

Besides the blockchain technology being a basis on which cryptocurrency is built, the industry is beginning to adopt it because of its smart contracts feature. This is because companies are in search of a secure platform for carrying out contracts. In addition, Artificial intelligence is being used by top organizations to ensure that the programming machines used by software engineers are doing the right job.

However, software engineers are scarce in the sector. A trend has been developed to solve this problem, allowing people with no idea of programming to create applications. This trend is commonly called low/no-code development. In addition, programming languages that are easy to understand are becoming popular even in 2021. Some of the popular programming languages include JavaScript and Python.

Most Popular Programming Languages to Start Learning in 2021

There is an increasing demand for software programmers in the world of software programming. As a result, several individuals are beginning to learn programming languages. Fortunately, the programming languages to learn in 2021 are not only popular but easy to understand. According to Insights, videos, blogs, and other online resources are the most used ways to learn codes. This just shows how easy it is to pick up coding. Below are some of these languages.


Python is one programming language every software programmer needs to learn in 2021. Besides being easy to learn, it is great for beginners who have no prior knowledge of software programming. In addition, you can use Python in many other areas besides building an application. For example, Python is the programming language used in Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Interestingly, Python is very important in the world of data science. This is because organizations are always trying to derive market insights from data analysis. Startups also use Python to build their applications. Python is a programming language both beginners and experts should learn in 2021.


Another top programming language that needs to be learned in 2021 is JavaScript. This programming language is popular because most websites use it. Because it is versatile, it is easier to use as the standard programming language of most websites. Users who use JavaScript as the programming of their websites can easily make changes and add other functions to the existing features on their website.


Even though Java is one of the oldest programming languages, it is still popular and easy to learn. Top organizations have often chosen Java as their programming language because it does the job perfectly and has a large memory space. Interestingly, Java is the programming language used to build applications for android devices. Besides being secure, you can use Java to carry out different tasks.


C++ is mostly used in operating systems because of its high performance and speed. In addition, C++ is also used as a basis for the development of other software programming languages. In other words, learning C++ will help you to learn other programming languages in the future. Because it is very stable, C++ is often used as the programming language for Virtual Reality, graphics designing, and game development.


The last on our list of popular programming languages to learn in 2021 is C#. This top programming language was designed by Microsoft and is currently used for developing 3D and 2D video games. In addition, developers used C# to build the Windows application and other popular sites like visual studio. Interestingly, C# is similar to C++. However, it is not flexible and takes more time to understand.


Because the software development sector is growing, it is common to see a lot of trends. These trends are mostly about using the latest technologies to solve problems and for improvement in certain areas. Among these trends is the learning and utilization of top programming languages in 2021. Get yourself acquainted with one and move along with the technology wave-making as much money as you see fit.

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