Spotify And Music Streaming In 2021 – How to Start Producing Top Hits

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With the rise of app development all over the world, various fields have plunged into this innovation, and the music industry is not left out. We have many music apps available for limited and unlimited streaming and download on the internet – of which Spotify is king.

What is Spotify and How Does it Work?

Spotify is arguably the world’s largest music streaming service platform. Company Info records that Spotify has over 345 million monthly active users, including 155 million paying subscribers as of December 2020. The streaming platform began as a small startup in Stockholm, Sweden, with its founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

Before the advent of streaming services, you probably have been guilty of using controversial sharing sites to download your music. Spotify looks to solve this challenge by creating a service that outsmarts piracy and at the same time compensates the artist by paying royalties and the music industry at large.

Top Performing Songs/Artistes on Spotify

The best performing songs on Spotify have been created predominantly by hip-hop and pop stars. In fact, Spotify named Pop music as the most popular genre of 2020 as it brought about a happier atmosphere during the pandemic.

In October 2015, Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” became the first song to surpass 500 million streams – a song that echoes the themes of love, admiration, and commitment. A month later, Spotify announced that “Lean On” by Major Lazer and DJ Snake featuring MØ was its most-streamed song of all time, with over 525 million streams worldwide. The lyrics of this single asks the burning questions of any relationship or romantic commitment: “What will we do when we get old?/ Will we walk down the same road?/ Will you be there by my side?”

In December 2016, Drake’s “One Dance” became the first song to hit one billion streams on Spotify. The dancehall/pop banger went on to rank at number seven on Billboard’s “100 Best Pop Songs of 2016” list. According to Pitchfork, ‘“One Dance” is about the spiritual connection two people can have in a club when vibrations charge the air, and they lose themselves.

The year 2020 ended with “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd taking the spot for the most-streamed song of the year on Spotify. This song also follows the previous trend of highly streamed songs that focus on the themes of love and companionship. The Weeknd sings, “I’m blinded by the lights/ No, I can’t sleep until I feel your touch.”

In the week ending April 5, 2021, Justin Bieber’s “Peaches” sits as the most streamed track on Spotify globally with 7.3 million streams. Off the album Justice, Bieber in “Peaches,” an upbeat pop single, sings: “I wanna wrap my arms around you, baby/ Never let you go.”

Top Performing Genres on Spotify

Hip-hop and pop music are huge on Spotify, but other genres are also generating lots of money on Spotify. Platforms like Lo-Fi Beats are massive goldmines on Spotify. In fact, artists don’t even have to tour to rake in the bucks.

George Goodrich of Playlist Push said playlists like Lo-Fi Beats and Yoga & Meditation are inspiring an entirely new crop of artists who are making a living off of Spotify. “There are hundreds of artists out there making thousands of dollars on these micro-niche genres across the platform,” Goodrich said.

How to Produce Your Own Hits

According to Haulix Daily, streaming levels the playing field for artists who are looking at building an audience. Time and platform do not, in any way, hinder the availability of the songs, and each song more or less has the same payout per stream value.

You can as well jump into this stream of creators on Spotify, make some good money and even build a fanbase. Who knows? Your art which could start out as a side hustle might just develop into a full-time music career. The journey into this is to be taken step-by-step. If all the strategies are observed, success as an artist on Spotify is inevitable.

The following are winning tips and hacks for an artiste on Spotify:

Long Albums, Short Songs

This allows listeners to play your songs more. The result is a top-charting album as well as multiplied per-stream revenue. Developing artists also increase their odds of landing on big playlists.

Good First Impression

If your song gets skipped before the 30-second mark, Spotify doesn’t pay you. It is advisable to make a good and catchy intro.

Repackaging Older Tracks

Repackaging singles into albums or compilations is always a smart move that guarantees replays.

Maximizing Spotify for Artists

Spotify has an insight feature that provides data on monthly listeners. The feature also includes the ability to get the “verified” artiste blue checkmark; customize the artist’s profile page with photos and promote a certain song.

Great Cover Art

Don’t spend a fortune on your album art but don’t also use something shabby. A great hack is to imitate the artwork of top-rated artists.


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