TV Series and TV Shows: The Paradox of Binge-Watching

TV Series

In past times when the word “binge” is used, it is typically associated with food, drinks, or any activity done in excess. But in recent times, it has come to become a word closely associated with watching TV series.

What is Binge-Watching?

Binge-watching has to do with watching multiple episodes of a TV Series or show at a go. It typically involves watching about 2-6 episodes of a TV series in one sitting.

Humans love to be entertained. We love to relax and move into an imaginary world that TV series readily create. Beyond that, the ability of humans to relate to the lives of movie characters also has a great effect on binge-watching.

It is estimated that about 88% of adults in the United States have lost sleep due to binge-watching.

Adding to this ungodly statistic is the fact that about 55.9% of adults in the United States have stayed awake all night to binge-watch movie series.

The Advent of SVoDs

In previous times, before the advent of SVoDs, like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc., TV series, as aired on normal Television, were shown weekly. One has to watch an episode of a TV series this week and wait until the following week before watching the next episode.

However, with the advent of Subscription Video on Demand (SVoDs), as mentioned above, that is gradually fading out as people’s thirst for entertainment is being easily satisfied by the availability of numerous contents on these various platforms. Hence, an average person now prefers to binge-watch an entire season of a TV Series, satisfying his thirst for TV Content.

Platforms for Binge-Watching

Binge-watching has gone from being just a word to become a cultural phenomenon!

Platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, etc., have given users numerous access to TV Series content at a monthly subscription rate, and users are glad to use these platforms. These platforms are run on apps with high-grade custom mobile app development.

Netflix has as many as 126 Originals, Hulu has more than 6,000 TV Series, and Amazon Prime Video has about 18,000 movies. That is enough content to get any user to go on binging for as long as they can. Also, the automatic playing of the next episode of a series after the previous one ends has increased the rate of binge-watching.

Interesting and Engaging Stories

Asides from the numerous amounts of content available, they are also of high quality and possess unique plots. Who wouldn’t binge?

Additionally, there is the aspect of people sharing different thrilling and exciting scenes of these TV series on social media to join online conversations about them. This is another thing that encourages binge-watching, as no one wants to be lost when a particular episode is being spoken about that you haven’t watched.

It is also known as spoilers, whereby you are aware of the happenings in a movie before you get the chance to watch it, thereby reducing the excitement and thrill.

The Downside

However, it is a paradox that the availability of this large amount of content, which is aimed at making people binge, has a counterintuitive effect, as subscribers feel overwhelmed by the many options to choose from that they sometimes decide not to watch at all.

Consumers are in the state of having too many choices to make, in too little time, that they end up using part of the viewing time to select the movie to watch.

Although efforts have been made to use artificial intelligence to determine consumers’ preferences, based on past selected movies. Nonetheless, there is an overwhelm as consumers are in a state of ‘Tell me exactly what to watch!’

To solve this problem, we bring, to you, some popular TV Shows of March/April 2021 that you can watch to save you the stress of a large volume of available content to select from.

Top Four Recommended TV Shows of May 2021

1. The One:

Ever imagined a world where you don’t have to go through the stress of going on blind dates, searching for your perfect soul mate, and just with the use of a DNA test, you are instantly paired with the perfect one for you?

In the TV series, The One, where Rebecca, the CEO of DNAMatch, seeks to match people with their dream partners based on their DNA.

Can this work? Is Rebecca’s intention genuine? Find out!

2. Big Time Rush:

The famous Nickelodeon Series, chronicling the lives of four talented friends from Minnesota who chase their dreams to become world-famous singers, is now available on Netflix for your enjoyment.

About 4 episodes are now available!

3. Biggie: I Got a Story to tell:

This is a documentary about the life and legacy of the famous artist, celebrating his life from being a hustler to gaining prominence in the rap world.

It contains detailed interviews with people who were close to him, and it would thrill you from beginning to the end.

4. The Irregulars:

This is a crime TV series about the investigative activities of a group of teenagers who are manipulated by Doctor Walton and Sherlock Holmes into solving mysterious crime cases.

Share your best TV Shows and TV Series you have watched or put on your “must-watch” list this year!


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