Ukraine needs YOUR help! More info in the article

Ukraine is going to win!

Hey, it’s Alex here. I haven’t got the time to post it earlier – was busy helping my family and other people with their needs and raising funds for Ukrainians. I turned out to some of you in my February, 25th email, asking for help, and many of you donated – I’m deeply thankful for that. But the time goes by, and it’s been more than 40 days since the war in Ukraine started… Many fleed our country, and many more came back to protect our land from an aggressor.

At this period of time, we – the Ukrainians, – need your help. It’s not about sanctions, it’s not about doing business with russia, or anything else – it’s about being humane. Donations are coming from all around the globe, and the support has been tremendous, but as time goes by, the urge to help vanishes. We are raising awareness and asking you to consider donating – helping Ukrainians in time of need is helping your brother or sister to survive.

We’ve got quite a few ways how you can do that – starting with our local volunteering hubs and organizations, our government-backed funds, and some international organizations that you know about.

For your convenience, I am going to list them down, and you pick one and donate right as you read these lines – we appreciate your help!

1. National Bank of Ukraine Opens Special Account for Ukraine’s Armed Forces.

2. Ukrainian Volunteering Non-Profit Organization “Come Back Alive”.


4. Red Cross Ukraine.

5. Voices of Children.

6. War Ukraine.

There are many more ways and organizations, so please find more information here and here.

With your help, we can resist this invasion and fight back, perhaps saving the lives of thousands and millions of civilians.

We also raise funds for those directly affected by this war. I drove people to the border and keep driving them now, so need diesel to fuel my car, plus I listened to dozens of heartbreaking stories of people living behind their relatives, kids, their apartments and homes, their clothes – just to be able to escape this madness.

We started helping these people by purchasing goods, clothes, and food, and sometimes by giving them money to purchase the necessities, so if you want to help – hit me up on Telegram or via email.

So far we helped more than 20 people and more than 7 families with their needs! Many more to come!

Pray for Ukraine! 🇺🇦


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